At Pomingo, we have been programming for the Internet for over thirteen years.  During this time we have watched web  technologies change, how web sites work best for businesses, and how search engines have changed their algorithms with the impact it has had on the web.

Our approach is a partnership with you and is why we build every site with a CMS (Customer Management System) that allows for maximum flexibility.  This allows you to build and maintain pages for your web site anytime you want.  Of course, we would be more than be happy to do web site  updates for you if that’s your desire.

We have many hours and experience working with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Our approach and techniques will help you get your site discovered into today’s popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  We will also provide you with free tips and suggestions after your web site is finished and in production.

Our focus is helping small businesses build their web marketing strategy for the Internet and into the future.